C-Bet for Beginner Poker Players

Poker is not a simple game to play. It requires skill, luck but most of all wisdom. Yes, wisdom of knowing when to call, bet, raise or just fold. For players looking for a more simple game they can go for a roulette online website. Beginners face many problems while playing poker, and understanding the nuance of when and how to bet is one of them. They generally have trouble playing poker on the flop and after the bets are raised. This article discusses the continuation bet, or “c-bet”.

You may ask what is a c-bet?

When players chase the pre-flop raise along with a bet on the flop, you may choose it hit or you may avoid is termed as a c-bet.

An incessant bet helps in taking advantage of the initiative that gains you and acts as the pre-flop attacker and this shapes the game. It helps in forwarding it over to the flop. One of the general rule of the table is that if you decide to raise before the flop the message sent by you is crystal clear. The message is that you have great cards and you are eager to play the game. This unspoken statement is read by most of the matured poker players and they start understanding your game plan and psychology behind the game.

The opponent would generally fold his cards if he does not have premium cards.  The bets which forward the game are very pertinent. They give a concrete form to the game. It is observed that most of the hands overlook the flop all the time.

If you and the opponents miss the flop and you would resort to betting if the opponent is checking which is quite natural. It is an individual way of establishing on the poker table that you have a supreme hand with premium cards.

Players know that there is a lot of dead money in the pot as the weak players have folded their cards. Your opponent should not be aware of your game plan. If you are ready to fire a c-bet on the opponent he should be unaware about it. You should avoid being repetitive in poker.

c-bet beginners guide

The beginners never know when to stop the game. Continuation of the bets is a critical aspect of the game which determines the further course of the game. Beginners should grasp this fundamental skill as soon as possible. Continuation of bets should not be made a regular habit. It would make you a very transparent player. If your opponent folds then you should bet and vice- versa. You should be able to demarcate whether you have simple, average or a good hand.

As they say practice makes perfect. So beginners should observe the playing styles at the poker tables before they start their career as poker players.

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