How to Improve Your Poker Game

Tips to improve your Poker game

1- Poker players who are just starting out tend to make a mistake by playing too many hands. One must remember that when you are a beginner, in order to stay in the game, you must stay in hands that are not all that good. Beginners should remember that to play more, they must lose more.

2- When people play drunk, they tend to play recklessly and loosely. It’s different when you are playing with your friends as it is not about the game but more about the fun, but if you’re playing in a casino and the stakes are high, it is recommended that you control you alcohol intake.

3- Majority of beginners know that bluffing is a technique that is a large part of poker but they do not know how to go about it in the exact manner. One must understand that it is not imperative in a game of poker that one HAS to bluff even a little or at all during the course of the game. However, many players do not feel as though the game is complete unless they have gone ahead with a bluff. Keeping this mind, it must be understood that one should not bluff at all instead of bluffing just for the sake of it.

4- Many beginners also make the mistake of thinking that just because they have put in a large amount in the pot, they have to continue and stay in. However, they must remember that they cannot win the game, that is, the pot just because they have put in money. One must fold when they know there is no other way out and keep in mind that “your” money in the pot doesn’t belong to you anymore and that it is impossible to get it back merely by playing a hand till the game ends.

5- Many beginners also make the mistake of examining the other player’s last bet and looking at the hand, all the while throwing in the final call. This makes sense only if the player actually has the hand and it helps you extract information which might help you with your game afterwards. However, if the player actually has the hand and there is no way you can win, there is absolutely no need for you to put in more money and increase his loot.

6- It is important to not play poker when one is feeling depressed or is going through a bad time because if one is not playing with a sharp mind, that is, if one is playing emotionally rather than rationally, it is natural that you will not be giving it your best. If during the game, you feel as though you’re going on a tilt, it is advised to take a break before continuing with the game.

Beginners guide

Beginners should keep in mind that they should just stick to the rules and give full attention to their own hand. Once you have gotten a hold on the game, you should pay very close attention to the cards on the table.

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