How to Spot Poker Bluffs

Poker is a game of deception where one player can act as if he is weak yet he has very strong hands or act as if he has monster cards yet he has nothing. It is a pretty good challenge if someone is just bluffing his way to the chips and it takes experience to spot someone who is trying to bluff.

While one way to detect a bluff is by looking for tells that may give out the deception but you cannot take out the equation the signs o weakness and stress of your opponents.

Spotting the strengths

How do you explore the poker game and find out if your opponent is really holding a strong hand. If he is acting to be weak, most likely he is strong. Players who tend to be weak during the game often act as if they are disinterested in joining the pot.

He may not be trying to act as weak but it is the natural tendency to get ahead of the other players. Check if a player does not look at the table and avoids to have any eye contact with you. If that is the case, be wary that player may be bluffing and is really strong. Someone who stares you down might actually be bluffing.

Also observe when someone who is very talkative on the table suddenly holds his breath and goes quiet like a lion waiting to pounce on his prey.

Spotting the weakness

When a poker player acts strong, there is a big tendency that he is really weak. When you think another player is putting up a face to look strong, most likely he is bluffing. A lot of players really do not intend to act as if they are strong but somehow it comes out naturally and over time you will develop the second nature to sense it.

Your body will give out signs that you are worried no matter how you try to act strong. You will be sounding a bit confident, sit up with a nice posture, and keep your hands from trembling. These are noticeable signs even though you try to hide them, they often come out.

Working Through Mistakes

When you are playing poker, you are going to make mistakes. Everyone does, no matter if you are a master at the game or you are just starting out. It is all part of the process and it is definitely something that you will learn all about. However, you need to make sure that you know the differences between big mistakes and small mistakes, there is a huge difference, remember that.

First and foremost, in poker, a mistake is a play with a negative expected value and good gambles actually understand that the only thing that matters is the expected value. Luck of course plays a part, but really, luck is not substantial.

A small mistake could be something that will cost you $50.00 where a big mistake could cost you a heck of a lot of money. Keep that in mind.

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