How to Play Middle Pocket Pairs Before Flop

Mid pocket pairs or cards ranging from 7-7 through J-J are pretty much strong poker hands but they give a lot of trouble to a lot of poker players. These cards have a good potential to win the chips on the center but it is with how you play them that makes this possible. Better cards will be on the table and you are not sure if you can come out ahead of everyone else.

Playing this cards right even before seeing the flop is crucial if you want to win. You need to factor in your position, the aggression of the other players, and how deep your stack is. For this article, we will focus on playing the mid pocket pairs, pre flop in different positions.

Early position

When you play a mid pocket pair in early position, go for a raise if you have a TT or even better. For the lower mid pocket pairs, you need to think of several factors. There will be times that you need to fold these middle pairs but there will instances when you need to raise. Do not limp into the pot when you have a middle pair.

If you are playing on a tight table, go strong and raise to give them the impression that you have some strong cards. Most likely the other players will play tight and consider giving in after the flop. Against aggressive players, fold cards 7-7 through 9-9 unless you are sure that you can outmaneuver the competition.

Middle position

Playing middle cards in middle position needs more cautious steps. This will pretty much depend on what is happening during the pre-flop.  Again remember that to limp is weak with a middle pair. If you will are the first player in the pot, then raise. If you have several players limping in, then you can limp to follow them into the pot. If you are only against one person then raise to kick him out of the pot.

Fold 7-7 thru 9-9 if you encounter a raise. See if you can call or re-raise when you have T-T and J-J.

Late position

You can always go play your mid pocket pairs in the late position. Watch out for the actions during pre-flop though. Limp behind other players if you want and try to get a set. Try to outplay weaker limpers by raising and also try to limit the competition to one or two.

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