Poker Term Definitions

In this poker rules guide, we have assumed you know at least basic poker terminology. Here are some common terms you should know to be able to understand the rules for poker games.

Commonly used Poker terms


Similar to a blind, an ante is a forced wager made by all players at the start of a game.


Normally a player can choose whether or not to bet. When they are a blind, however, they must make an obligatory bet to make sure there is money to be played for from the start.


A ploy to make opponents fold by acting as if one has an unbeatable hand.


A disc used to designate a nominal dealer for every game. Whoever has the button in front of them (said to be “on the button”) is always last to act and has the advantage of being able to see other players act first.


To make the same wager as the last person who bet.


If no bet is made before one’s turn, one can check or pass action to the next player.

Community Card

Also called “shared card.” Any card that can be used by all compositing players to make hands with. Dealt face up so everyone can se.

Door Card

Cards dealt to a player face up in stud poker games.


To replace discarded cards with new ones from the dealer (in draw games) or to try to complete your hand.


Usually the first community cards dealt in a game.


To relinquish one’s cards and no longer play in the present game.


A set of cards as defined in poker hand rankings, usually five in number.


Or High Low. Poker games in which the money is split between the worst hand and the best hand.


The highest unmatched card (i.e. not part of a hand) used as a tiebreaker between equal hands.


A draw poker game in which the worst hand wins.

Mixed Game

Any game that involves playing one or more variants. The poker rules change from one game to another at fixed intervals.


Pocket cards are dealt to a player face down. No one else must see them. Also known as “hole” cards (a pocket is a hole, right/).


Total money wagered by all players.


To make a larger bet than the last one made. How big the raise is depends on the betting limits of the poker variant played.


The last community card to be dealt in some shard games, like Texas Holdem.


To divulge one’s hidden cards, according to the rules.


When two or more players are left, they must “show down” their cards on the table so that their hands may be judged.

Split Pot

Any game in which the money is split between two hands.


When a standard 52-card deck is reduced by any number, it is a “stripped deck.”


A name given to a community card dealt in shared games.


In lowball games, cards ace, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The best low hand if straights and flushes do not count.


A card that can become whatever card you need to make your hand.

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